Volunteers At My Brother's Table

Volunteering At The Table!

My Brother's Table utilizes a large volunteer corps, over 2,500 volunteers a year. The contribution of volunteer time is essential to the Table's 365-day-per-year operation. Almost all who have volunteered feel that their contributions make a difference in the lives of the guests as well as the ability of the Table continue to fulfill its mission.

There are many opportunities to get involved. Look below for some specific and immediate needs or give us a call to talk through how you can help make a difference. My Brother's Table utilizes a large volunteer corps- over 2,500 volunteers a year!

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More About Volunteering

Rooted in the Judeo Christian ethics of love of God and neighbor, My Brother's Table stands ready to feed the hungry and to serve all who come in need regardless of race, color, creed, or sex. Meals will be provided in an atmosphere of welcome, wherein guests are treated with love and dignity.

Through the congeniality of table service, staff and volunteers will build a caring relationship with guests. Such a relationship will assist staff and volunteers to serve as referral resources and advocates for the guests. My Brother's Table will serve its guests within the context of their needs.

What Our Volunteers Are Saying...

The Future...

"My hope would be that organizations like My Brother's Table would not be needed in the future, that there would be no hunger. 

If that is not to be, My Brother's Table will continue to serve the community and provide that beacon of hope." 

Alice Goldsmith, Volunteer

Make A Difference...

"As a volunteer at My Brother's Table, it seems that I benefit as well as our guests. On the way home the realization that you have made a real difference in someone's life helps you put your own problems in perspective."

Carolyn Stanton, Volunteer

Men, Women and Children...

"My Brother's Table was the first soup kitchen I volunteered at that had men, women and children as guests. For the first time I realized that hunger was such a problem. But at the same time, it was beautiful to watch high school youth helping young people."

Jim Flanagan, Volunteer