The mission of My Brother's Table is to nourish our community every day through hospitality, free meals, and unconditional love. Founded in 1982 MBT, the largest soup kitchen on the North Shore, has provided over

hot, free meals and outreach to men, women and children in need. The Table has served between 900,000 and a million meals annually since 2020. The quantity of food served has been equally matched by the amount of love and care we have for our community. Thank you for helping us help.

MBT's 40th Anniversary Logo

It’s our 40th Anniversary.

In 2022, as we continue serving our daily meals, the Table celebrates our 40th Anniversary. While hunger should never be celebrated, what we do celebrate is the loving and giving response to hunger which makes up the Table’s story.

Click here to take a look at where we started and how far we’ve come.

Everyone is welcome.

My Brother’s Table offers free meals to everyone who comes to our door, regardless of race, color, creed or sex. We’ve been open for over 13,000 consecutive days thanks to our dedicated volunteers and supporters. Interested in helping us help others? There are many ways to help:

My Brother’s Table is privately funded. We do not receive nor seek federal, state, or local government money. We do this in order to ensure the privacy of our guests and to serve the greatest number of people in need. Funding comes from individual donations and events and private grants. The Table also relies heavily on donated food from supermarkets, restaurants, food drives, and individuals for most of each meal served. Visit our Financials page for more information.